It all began with a ceramic furnace.
Today you receive the magnum opus.

Stephan Miller, CEO

DEKEMA. The timeline.

  • 1973AUSTROMAT 2001 A

    The DEKEMA furnaces have gained a virtually legendary reputation due to the practice-oriented concept, the rugged design and the high quality. Already the first one, the AUSTROMAT 2001 A, has become a classic. These devices are still being used in many laboratories around the world, i.e. already since approximately 40 years. Right from the beginning, DEKEMA has stood for know-how, innovation and reliability.

  • 1984AUSTROMAT 2001 B

    Only in 1984 the market demanded a further development – the AUSTROMAT 2001 B. The integrated pump turned these compact furnaces into an allrounder. And it was easy to transport – at that time an important aspect to be able to flexibly work between laboratory and dentist.

  • 1986AUSTROMAT 3000

    Already two years later, DEKEMA presented the world’s first microprocessor-controlled furnace – the AUSTROMAT 3000; also with an integrated pump. A completely new development.

  • 1989AUSTROMAT 3001

    The further alterations were mostly influenced by the individualisation of the firing process by implementing further progress in microprocessor technology. The AUSTROMAT 3000 was followed by the AUSTROMAT 3001 which allowed the dental technician to freely organise the firing process. Up to 100 programs can be stored and retrieved randomly. From the thousands of AUSTROMAT 3001 delivered since 1989, more than 90% are still being used – in some laboratories day and night.


    The AUSTROMAT M allows the aesthetic-creative technician to influence the firing process in a simple way due to its menu control – with the quality of an AUSTROMAT 3001.

  • 1994AUSTROMAT M oral design

    The first oral design furnace was presented in cooperation with oral design. In addition to the typical oral design finish, the essential difference is a firing chamber based on the AUSTROMAT 2001 A and adapted to the requirements of oral design. Many oral design members don’t want to part with these excellent devices even today.

  • 1999AUSTROMAT D series

    With 32-bit electronics and two-line display or colour screen, the AUSTROMAT D series still represents the current state of the art. Even the basic version is opulently equipped. The refined sensors monitoring the program parameters constantly guarantee excellent firing results.

  • 2002AUSTROMAT 3001 press-i-dent

    The AUSTROMAT 3001 press-i-dent has a unique electromechanical upward pressing system so that even multiple pressings can be carried out with different colours.

  • 2002AUSTROMAT D4 oral design

    The follow-up of the AUSTROMAT M oral design makes it possible to use the full range of functions of the AUSTROMAT D4 with the oral design muffle.

  • 2006AUSTROMAT D4press

    In case of the combined furnace AUSTROMAT D4press for firing and pressing of dental ceramics, the pressing is not performed using an external compressed air connection, as is usual in case of pneumatic pressing systems. Instead, the required pressing force is built up by means of ambient pressure. This unique pressing process makes it possible to use the furnace completely independently giving reproducibly excellent pressing results.

  • 2007AUSTROMAT µSiC

    The high-temperature furnace AUSTROMAT µSiC realises sintering temperatures of up to 1600°C. The specific control of the rugged SiC heating elements combined with the extended DEKEMA Autodry System allows for the first time for specifically fast heating and cooling cycles and thus for a considerable reduction of the program sequences when sintering zirconium dioxide.

  • 2008AUSTROMAT 354 press-i-dent

    The AUSTROMAT 354 press-i-dent is perfectly network-compatible; the integrated web browser allows for the connection to the world of the digital dental laboratory. Virtually unlimited programming possibilities via the large touch screen and the direct connection to the comprehensive DEKEMA firing program database via Internet set the benchmark once again. The long experience with the multiple muffle system trixpress has also been incorporated into the advancement. The proven mechanics of AUSTROMAT 3001 press-i-dent has been refined again and the press characteristics have been adapted to the possibilities of new, even more powerful microprocessors.

  • 2009AUSTROMAT 424

    With the AUSTROMAT 424, the advancements of network-compatible controls have also found their way into firing furnaces. In this way the D4 has been complemented by a firing furnace which has quickly been able to capture the market for high-quality dental furnaces.

  • 2009AUSTROMAT 424 oral design

    The oral design version of the AUSTROMAT 424 was put on the market contemporaneously with the AUSTROMAT 424 in order that oral design customers could also enjoy the technical possibilities of the AUSTROMAT 424.

  • 2010AUSTROMAT baSiC

    This variant of the AUSTROMAT µSiC dimensioned for fewer units is the perfect complement both for the small milling units and for large milling centres – with a maximum power consumption of only 2 kW.

  • 2011AUSTROMAT 6 series

    A new housing, revised mechanics, revolutionary electronics, touchscreen and extension of the interfaces – the new 6XX series incorporates all the experience of the almost 40 years of company history in firing and pressing furnace construction, for the maximum customer benefit.

  • 2012AUSTROMAT series 6 oral design

    The standard oral design edition is equipped with a dedicated, optimized hand crafted stone insulation.

  • 2014AUSTROMAT 664

    This first series 6 sintering device merges performance, efficiency and the ease of use on a small footprint.

  • 2015AUSTROMAT 674

    The extended series 6 sintering concept. Now processing any size of zirconium frame.

  • 2017AUSTROMAT series i

    The logical evolution. The first furnace in the world, able to stream firing, pressing and sintering cycles.

  • 2018AUSTROMAT 624_i_ oral design

    The premium oral design edition is equipped with the dedicated, optimized hand crafted stone insulation. The series_i_surface creates the most confident companion.

  • 2019trix™print

    DEKEMA presents the trix™print in the revolutionary trix™ System 2019 at IDS. Representing the complete digital workflow for the so far analog pressing process, from now on, scaling, waxing up or placing sprues become obsolete.

  • 2020AUSTROMAT 220

    The DEKEMA for starters.

    By using noble, lightweight materials, a stable and durable furnace with only 13 kg.

  • 2021trix™print²

    With the trix™print², you can quickly and reliably produce reproducible dental applications such as crowns, bridges, veneers, partial dentures, frameworks, bite splints through to precise working models and drilling templates.

  • 2023AUSTROMAT 220 oral design

    The premium oral design edition is equipped with the dedicated, optimized hand crafted stone insulation.

  • 2023trix™wash & trix™cure

    Post-treat your 3D print efficiently and purposefully with DEKEMA trix™wash and DEKEMA trix™cure. Print object specific process parameters are directly loaded on your device via the DEKEMA Circle.