The big one.

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    Already prepared for ultrafast cycles below 1 hour

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    DEKEMA patented high-temperature precision thermocouple design, suitable for speeding without overshooting temperature

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    DEKEMA patented tray system with up to 2 levels (ø 3,94'' per level), invented for speeding or easy handling of up to 80 units

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    No contamination and no discoloration

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    Absolutely clean – no purge cycles necessary

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    Nonstop – start subsequent cycles immediately


DEKEMA Autodry simulates the object temperature and automatically regulates the distance between the firing object and the firing chamber with the vibration-free lift for precise and accelerated drying, heating and cooling phases.

DEKEMA. Serie i Features.

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    10,4'' color touch screen display

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    DEKEMA Internet database furnace connection

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    Internet program streaming

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    Cloud: Data management in the DEKEMA Circle

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    IoT (Internet of Things)

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    iDREAM: VNC viewer for remote control

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    X-DREAM: Computer program for querying the furnace state and emailing QM data

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    Quality management: Recording of process data


Jump into the DEKEMA Circle - You won't step back.

Stephan Miller, CEO

Scope of delivery

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    AUSTROMAT 674i sintering furnace

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    Country-specific power cable to connect to 230 V outlets

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    Insulation table, sintering ring, sinter plate and furnace tweezers

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    Calibration set for calibrating the temperature

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    Remote access & control via mobile device or PC, DEKEMA database access & online updates

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    Operating instructions

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    Packaging material (Cardboard boxes, foam material for protecting against impacts)

Recommended accessories & consumables

Fuse (10 pieces), 5x20 mm, 16 A, 230 V

Item No. 100512
Fuse (10 pieces), 5x20 mm, 16 A, 230 V, for high temperature furnaces

Pliers, DEKEMA logo

Item No. 101921
Pliers for safe handling of sintering accessories with Ø 100 mm

Tweezers, DEKEMA logo

Item No. 105236
Furnace tweezers for safe handling of firing objects

Sintering beads, Micro Pearls (200g)

Item No. 105262
Sintering beads for distortion-free sintering of objects in the firing table basis hybrid Ø 100 mm and firing table basis trough Ø 65 mm

Firing table ring, Ø 100 mm, 36 mm height

Item No. 105317
Firing table ring, Ø 100 mm, 36 mm height, standard spacer for sintering planes

Insulating table, Ø 100 mm sintering plane

Item No. 105381
Insulating table for use in sintering furnaces with Ø 100 mm sintering planes

Heating element, SiC hanging, set with cable

Item No. 105413
Heating element made of SiC, in set with installation accessories for use in sintering furnaces with hanging radiators

Firing table ring, Ø 100 mm, 28 mm height

Item No. 105462
Firing table ring, Ø 100 mm, 28 mm height, low spacer for sintering planes

Firing table, basis hybrid, Ø 100 mm

Item No. 105648
Firing table basis hybrid, Ø 100 mm, can be used on both sides, low trough and with numbered cavities, for sintering

SinterPlace Kit, Ø 100 mm

Item No. 105836
SinterPlace Kit, Ø 100 mm, set, consisting of insulating body, firing table ring, Ø 100 mm, 36 mm height and pliers, for secure placement of the firing table Basis Hybrid

Thermocouple, for hanging heating elements

Item No. 106652
Thermocouple for use in sintering furnaces with hanging heating elements


Item No. 106906
15 PTC rings for precise temperature calibration of sintering furnaces incl. access to the DEKEMA online calibration calculator

CALIBRITE sinter set

Item No. 106907
CALIBRITE sinter set in a practical storage case consists of the DEKEMA micrometer screw, 15 PTC rings and the QR code for the online calibration video and calculator.