With precision and efficiency into the digital future.

With the trix™print², you can produce fast and reliably reproducible dentures such as crowns, bridges, veneers, partial dentures, frameworks, bite splints, as well as precise working models and drilling templates.

  • 10,1’’ multi-touch screen with comprehensive user interface
  • Automated transfer of project specific printing tasks
  • 3D print on top of up to two trixpress base plates, or a surface area of 144 x 80 mm with up to 160 mm height
  • Elegant black aluminium housing

Highest level of precision

The DLP projector inside the trix™print² stands for the highest quality standard. By assembling the finest materials inside our factory, we supply consistent prints with razor sharp details and a long operating time.

Web 4.0 connectivity

Via the Web 4.0 connection, you always have the print status of the trix™print² in view, and can also control and monitor it remotely, whereever you are.

The print performance is constantly monitored by the trix™print² and you get a message when printing is finished.

The user-friendly software and easy material selection through the DEKEMA database gives you even more efficiency and freedom for your daily work.

trix™CAD – The printing and pressing process

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    Selection and assignment of CAD press objects

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    Automatic setup generation

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    Slicing and data transfer to trix™print² via DEKEMA Circle

trix™CAM – Preparation of the printing process for dentures

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    Selection of print objects of all common formats

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    Automatic nesting (positioning of objects on the platform)

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    Slicing and data transfer to trix™print² via DEKEMA Circle

DEKEMA trix Sets

trix print & place

  • tool set
  • gloves
  • large resin tank
  • fundament holder
  • network cable

trix print & smile

  • small resin tank
  • trix™press base holder for one plate
  • trixpress aluminium base plate

trix print & press

  • small resin tank
  • trix™CAST
  • trix™press base holder for one plate
  • trix™press base holder for double plate
  • trixpress ring system

DEKEMA trix Accessories

  • trix™CAST: Cast resin for further processing in the burnout process
  • trixpress ring system: Flexible ring system with base plates for direct printing
  • trix™vest: Investment compound for flawless ceramic surfaces without reaction layer
  • trixpress Plunger: Disposable press plunger for best temperature adaptations and a stable pressing process