DEKEMA Features


Several thousand firing, pressing and sintering programs by nearly every manufacturer of dental ceramics are saved and maintained in this freely accessible DEKEMA data base.
Load and start – as simple as that!

DEKEMA Connect.

Unleash your AUSTROMAT through the unlimited possibilities of DEKEMA CONNECT. Activate the software options of your AUSTROMAT. Go online and the world of furnaces will completely change.

DEKEMA Customize.

AUSTROMAT furnaces have an anodized housing. This warrants quality, diminishes wear and keeps your furnace in best shape. Some customers want to further individualize their furnace. Special paintings are possible on request.

DEKEMA Autodry.

AUTODRY simulates the object temperature and automatically regulates the distance between the firing object and the firing chamber with the vibration-free lift for precise and accelerated drying, heating and cooling phases.


Internal test routines seamlessly monitor all relevant parameters while the program is running. An automatic diagnosis routine has also been integrated for all system components to determine the service intervals.


Reproducibility and reliability – I completely concentrate on my daily work as a dental technician.

Marko Fürle, Product Manager


Firing Furnace up to 1200°C Fire & Glaze with and without Vacuum Crystallize & Infiltrate with and without Vacuum

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Combi Furnace up to 1200°C Press, Fire & Glaze with and without Vacuum Crystallize & Infiltrate with and without Vacuum Press several Plungers/Colors in one go with the optional trixpress®

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High-Temperature Furnace up to 1560°C Sinter, Glaze & Crystallize under Atmosphere Chairside Speed Mode Space for up to six unit bridges or up to 20 units in one level (Ø 65mm) Optional Accessories…

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High-Temperature Furnace up to 1560°C Sinter, Glaze & Crystallize under Atmosphere Chairside Speed Mode Space for all common bridge sizes or up to 40 units in one level (Ø 100mm) Optional Accessories to…

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The proven firing chamber concept assures excellent firing results within all temperature ranges. The combination of the intuitive user interface and an internet capable electronics ideally adapts to the practical needs of the…

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The reliable firing furnace, expanded to a combi furnace for firing and ­pressing. Fire your dental restorations as usual. Press with the ­patented vacuum pressing system. It works independently of an external ­compressed…

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This working horse is equipped with the innovative, controlled, electromechanical upwards-pressing propulsion. It opens the mind of the dental technician to a new world of unique pressing possibilities. Multicolor multi ingot pressings supply…

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Merging user-oriented operation, short sintering cycles, low energy ­consumption and a very small footprint? Materialized through the ­AUSTROMAT 664 iSiC, the DEKEMA specific SiC heating technology makes it possible. Approximately forty copings or…

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The SiC-heating concept for every kind of milled dental prosthesis sintered under atmosphere for as many as approximately forty parts per level. Three heating ­elements realize a homogeneous temperature distribution up to as…

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The sintering flagship, especially designed for sintering huge amounts of milled dental restorations. Three SiC heating elements ensure an even temperature distribution inside the sintering chamber. Process safety and traceability is already…

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DEKEMA Austromat
Series 2


DEKEMA Plug & Play, Preserving quality & performance. Stand-alone furnace with optional vacuum pump. 13 kg stable, long lasting quality, using noble, light materials. Firing, glazing, crystallization and infiltration with and without vacuum. Place – power – perform.

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