DEKEMA Plug & Play

Preserving quality & performance

  • Stand-alone furnace with optional vacuum pump 
  • 13 kg stable, long-lasting quality, using noble, light materials
  • Firing, glazing, crystallization, and infiltration with and without vacuum
  • Place – power – perform

DEKEMA Chamber

  • Well known from the high-quality AUSTROMAT Series 6 Firing Furnace
  • Designed decades ago, operated for decades, optimized over decades
  • Unique, homogeneous energy distribution
  • Fiber insulation of purest quality in highest precision design

DEKEMA Heating

  • Well known from the high-quality AUSTROMAT Series 6 Firing Furnace
  • Manufactured in house by DEKEMA
  • Unsurpassed durability and longevity


  • Fan free, integrated convection cooling
  • Corrosion-free, lightweight aluminum housing
  • Kept in matt black

DEKEMA Firing Table

  • Well known from the high-quality AUSTROMAT Series 6 Firing Furnace
  • Physically defined fiber insulation table of outstanding purity
  • Usable with common firing trays

DEKEMA Thermocouple & Control

  • Well known from the high-quality AUSTROMAT Series 6 Firing Furnace
  • Platinum/platinum-rhodium thermocouple of the purest quality and a controlled accuracy far below 1 °C
  • Temperature calibration at only one measuring point through the DEKEMA silver wire calibration kit, unmatched in precision

DEKEMA Lift System

  • Smooth lift movement
  • Durable stainless steel design
  • Freely selectable drying position

DEKEMA User Interface

  • Language independent icon surface
  • Touch operation with 100 programs
  • Independent vacuum start

DEKEMA Vacuum Pump

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    Self-cooling aluminum heads

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    Straight air flow

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    Low contamination Trenn Coat™ coating

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    Low maintenance design

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    Self-cleaning feature

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    Specific shell

Scope of delivery

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    AUSTROMAT 220 firing furnace

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    Country-specific power cable

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    Operating instructions

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    Packaging material (Cardboard boxes, foam material for protecting against impacts)

Recommended accessories & consumables

Firing table, fibre

Item No. 101733
Firing table for use in furnaces with fiber insulation

CALIBRITE fire set

Item No. 101817-01
Silver wire calibration set for exact temperature adjustment of firing furnaces, as well as of press furnaces with single-plunger press system

Vacuum pump, DEKEMA 838.3 R (230 V / 50-60 Hz)

Item No. 105201
Vacuum pump, 230V, DEKEMA version, durable and low-maintenance, with coated, flow-optimized aluminum pump heads and special vacuum guide for highest vacuum performance

Tweezers, DEKEMA logo

Item No. 105236
Furnace tweezers for safe handling of firing objects

Firing tray, set

Item No. 106490
Firing tray, set of temperature-optimized honey-comb tray and 10 ceramic pins for exact positioning of firing objects

Ventilation unit, external (230 V)

Item No. 106500-01
Ventilation unit for connecting a vacuum pump to vacuum furnaces without integrated solenoid valve (230 V)