AUSTROMAT 654 press-i-dent

AUSTROMAT 654 press-i-dent

This working horse is equipped with the innovative, controlled, electromechanical upwards-pressing propulsion. It opens the mind of the dental
technician to a new world of unique pressing possibilities. Multicolor multi ingot pressings supply efficiency you not even dreamed of. And still it is equipped with a closed fi ring chamber. No hole on top, no cold spots, delivering the homogeneous temperature distribution, needed to perfectly fire every layered dental restoration.


Pressing several colors with multiple plungers in one ring; Press without vacuum, Quick ­cooling steps during pressing; firing high and low fusion dental ceramics towards highest customer satisfaction. Only one furnace unites these properties: The AUSTROMAT 654 press-i-dent. Ensured by the closed thermal insulation system, absolutely unique for pressing ­furnaces. And made possible through its further developed, further optimized ­upwards-pressing ­propulsion, which has been invented especially for furnaces of the press-i-dent kind. Epic in precision and accuracy.

Operation, user guidance or editor, are identical to the AUSTROMAT 624/644. And surely functionality has even been extended. You feel immediately at home. No matter, whether you want to operate the furnace through his large, high resolution touch screen, or, as an option,
remotely through the network.

The Ultimate

Press several colors/ingots simultaneously; fire without lowering your sights in quality.


Size (H x W x D) 653 x 383 x 343 mm3
Weight 22 kg
Power Supply 230 V / 50 to 60 Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 1,5 kW
Tmax 1.200 °C
Touch Screen 7,5“ Farbe
DEKEMA vacuum pump
Press functionality
MPTA (Multiple Press Time Automatic)
Housing: Anodized aluminum
Corporate Design Customization optional
Quartz glass heating element: DEKEMA specific heating element coil guided in pure quartz glass
Stone insulation 6XX: DEKEMA internally fabricated, specific stone insulation
Stone insulation table: DEKEMA internally fabricated, for firing porcelain
Stone insulation table: DEKEMA internally fabricated, for pressing porcelain
trixpress: Ring former for pressing several units/shades; 100g, 200g and 380g optional
QR Reader optional
USB interface: Transfer firing programs (dds)/ transfer image files (jpeg)/save quality management files (dfl ) 2x(●/ ●/ ●)

Software options

DB (Internet data base): Ethernet interface for connecting to the DEKEMA Internet data base optional
JAVA: For online control and monitoring of all relevant furnace functions via JAVA compatible
VNC (Virtual Network Client): For online control and monitoring of all relevant furnace functions
via VNC for PC or mobile device
FTP server: Connection for transferring fi les via the internal FTP server optional
FTP client: Connection for transferring fi les via an external FTP server optional
QM quality management: Record of process fi les in ASCII format optional
X-DREAM; Computer program for querying the furnace state and emailing QM data optional
OPC: Software server to incorporate quality management into ERP systems optional